My first days in Dublin

Hi, folks!

Yesterday we arrived at Dublin-Airport, shortly after a haulage firm drove us to our
apartments, called „Herberton Apartments“.
The apartments look nice at large and have everything we need  to live here for 2 months.
We have 2 bedrooms for 4 people, 2 bathrooms, a balcony and 1 livingroom with a kitchen.
The weather keeps up and the irish folks give a pleasant impression.
In the evening we set up our rooms an made the first „bulk purchases“.

Today Leo and I had a holiday, because our internship starts on wednesday.
So we used this day to scout Dublin and our environs.
We went by tram in the city and made the second „bulk purchases“.
In addition I bought a square trousers for my first business day.
Now I have written enough for today and will get hungry.

See you soon!

Greetz, Chriz

ps: every time I will load up a new pic…

City of Dublin