Hey guys,
Today its the second day in Belfast. Yesterday we had a comfortable trip to Ireland. The flight was easy and on the bustour we saw nice landscapes and cute cities (…and girls) from Dublin to Belfast was also wonderfull. Kevin picked us up in the city-center and brought us to the flat. With Riccardo and Steffen together we moved into a greatfull luxurious apartment. The house is locatet in the south of belfast where a lot of villas are. So I think its a very secure place to live and when I smoke a cigaret on one of the two balconies the magnificent view is breathtaking.

view from our balcony

Today we went to the city-center to do shopping some basic stuff for our flat. After this hard shoppingtour we relaxed a bit on our couches in front of a nice chimney. During I went jogging to the house where five of our other guys live, my flatmates Steffen and Riccardo prepared the meal. I changed phonenumbers with Constantin and the people from class FSZ85. When I was back at home I took a shower. We ate some paste and now we all sit together in the livingroom and write our textes for the blog.
All in all it was a great start in Ireland and I hope that the practical training will be also great. On friday I have my jobinterview and I hope it will be good.
Greetz Friedrich