time, where are you and why are you running away??

I’ve just realized that from today we will have another 3 weeks here and that’s it for us in Ireland. Never would I have imagined that time can fly by so fast.

Today was my lazy day… again, but at some point I need a little off of everything. Just sleep long, not doing much and enjoy the day as it is. A few day ago I had a little talk with a cashier about the Marvel Universe ( a comic universe about superheros/-villains) and she told me a few things I did not know about some characters. So I took my time and watched a few movies to keep up with the lore.

I know, this is not how I was supposed to spend my time here, but after all I still have some time left, and also I planed on doing it anyways. So hey, I did everything I wanted. And I think this is the most important thing in life: do what you want so that you can grow.

By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t put any pictures or videos in my last posts, but I just haven’t seen any opportunity to make some pictures that I want to show.