Barbecue at work


The working week was quite interesting. We had to configure a plugin for the Enterprise Vault software. Like I mentioned last time we had to read a huge documentary with every step we have to do. Unfortunately we are not done yet. There is a lot to do and to configure, but we hope we can start testing on Monday. So I can’t report so much because it was very specific.

But a thing I can report about is what happened on Tuesday. When Philipp and I were on our way home, Colm, our supervisor, stopped us. He asked us, if we like to barbecue. We said yes and we asked why he is asking us such a question. He explained to us, that he wants to do barbecue because of the great weather and if we like to join him. By the way we had 22 degrees and sunshine. The barbecue was for all employees of Anaeko, that wanted to join. Of course we said yes and so we helped him to prepare everything. At the end Philipp and I were the chefs and Colm and all the other employees started to eat. But we had no problem with doing that, so we cooked everything Colm bought for barbecue and we ate together with our colleagues. We talked a lot with them and we get to know each other better. After nearly two hours we thanked Colm for inviting us and we went home with full stomachs.