Update Nr.2: Disaster Is Solved Officially

This story seems to not having an end, but I promise you that this chapter is going to be closed after writing this blogpost.

Today was a very good and productive day, even if it was the shortest one since the beginning of my internship. I knew that I’ve to leave around 3:20pm for our final meeting with the agency „Intern Europe“. Sometimes it helps being more productive if you know that you’ve to get the best out of a shorter time like today. I was more than motivated to smash those hours, which were less than usual. As soon as I’ve arrived to the office, I went to the kitchen to get a coffee and filled up my little empty bottle with some water. I went back to my desk, opened my laptop, set up everything and opened the screenshot of the contact form, which I created and deleted accidentally on Friday (see previous blogpost – big drama). So note to myself: Keep on making screenshots of your finished works!

I tried to find the same contact form style css file in the depth of the history of my browser – no chance. I decided that it may be faster just to search for it again with the help of the infamous „Uncle Google“ or should I call him even „The One And Only Guru Google?“.

After around twenty minutes of intense searching, I found the contact form indeed and was more than happy! I created an empty contact.hbs (html file for the website) and _contact.scss (css style classes for the html file) again, implemented the contact form and started to work on it again.

If you believe it or not: Around three hours later I actually finished it and it looks exactly the same as the old one!!! Here’s is the proof:


Old „lost“ version
New version

What have taken me before arbout two days, it just took me three hours this time. This is again a very good demonstration, that it’s all about practicing as our parents and teachers keep on preaching us always, right? Or as we’d say in German:,,Mutti hat immer recht!“, what means basically ,,Mum is always right!“.

Another moral of this story is definitely to stop blaming yourself, when it’s anyway way too late already and take your courage and strength and action against it! We’re all human beings who make mistakes time to time and that’s alright! That’s why we invented machines somehow, aren’t we?