Rainy Days

So after I was in the hills on Friday the weather was so rainy and much colder than the other days I just spend most of the weekend at home. I facetimed my friends and talked to them, they kept told me what I am missing and what happened in the past 3 weeks in there live, although we are texting on the daily basis. Apparently the weather in Berlin is very nice by the time now and we having a lot of rain right now here in Belfast. Some of my friends in Berlin were in there Pool outside maybe because it’s like over 30° there. I would rather have that good weather right now in Belfast than 14° and the whole day it’s raining. Normally at this time in year my friends and I play basketball outside and listening to music. My friends sending me pictures of their BBQ and Basketball sessions. I know when I am back the first things I do is playing Ball and doing a BBQ with my friends and enjoy the sun. My friends and I stay connected over the whole time here in Belfast which is really good.