Busy Week

This week I think I broke my record in repairing laptops and notebooks,
most of our Laptops are Dell and HP and different models of them. I become quit well into fixing every type of laptop because when I learn and try over and over again I can keep my tactic in mind. If there is a model that I was not used to I just had to learn how it would be fixed and remember everything and hope that the next laptop is the same type so I can do it again and keep in better in mind. Sometimes there are problems that take longer and we have to order some parts and that takes maybe 1-3 days. When the parts arrive we check the parts of functionality and the call number must be the same as from the laptop. In some cases screws are missing and I have to make sure that I got enough screws for the replacement parts. I replaced a lot of LCD displays this week, some motherboards and hard drive, also some keyboards. On Friday it was not as busy for me as the other days and I could help a colleague with the diagnostics for laptops and tablets, the diagnostics detect the issue and we know what the fault is if it is not a physical fault. Mr Hebel and some people from Intern Europe visited me and René on Friday and asked us if the working environment is good and if we are happy with our work. We talked with Mr Hebel about our accomodation and some other things. After work René and me wanted to visit cave-hill but that this is a different story.