In the hills

On Friday René and I went to cave hill, we took the bus from our bus station right in front of our house. It took us about 20 minutes with the bus to get to the bus station, we had to walk to the entrance to the road to cave hill. The weather was very good on that day so I only wore shorts and a t-shirt, we had to walk about one hour to get to our destination. Google maps was very helpful to get to the hill, we had to go through a forest and sometimes I had to climb. In the forest there were many teenagers who made a campfire listened to music and drinking. René and I saw some squirrels and wild cows that ate some grass and one of them looked very strange to us maybe because I interrupted him while he was eating. It was very refreshing when we were close to the top of the hill because it was very windy there. When we arrived at the top of the hill I was fascinated by the view, I took some pictures and met some teenagers who live in Belfast. From the Hill I could see the area where I live because I recognised the tall buildings. René and I spend about one hour on the hill and then moved on, we tried a different way down now and it was quite hard in the begin because there was gravel and you couldn’t walk properly. The way down took us about maybe 40 minutes, for me it was a great experience and a workout which was good but the day before I already were jogging outside.