City Hall and Zoo

On Saturday I was at the City Hall, I went there by bus and I had to leave the bus one station earlier than expected because there was a Political demonstration in front of the City Hall.

Everyone wore red t-shirts with a circle on it, and I think it is about a political party that stands for a united Ireland. I had to go through all of the people there because I would meet the other guys at the entrance from the City Hall. In the City hall we had a tour guide that showed us rooms and talked about paintings, people and the building.
The tour was about an hour long and after that we walked outside and saw that the political demonstration was gone and only some people were still there.
We were in a little supermarket to get some drinks and food, than we went to the sea that took us about 20 minutes.
We sat down on a bench and just enjoyed the sun and the sea.
On Sunday René and I went to the Zoo and we waited for like 40 minutes for the bus, the others were already in the bus so we met them in there and drove together to the Zoo that took us about 25 minutes.
The ticket price was 6.50 pound with student discount, after we bought the tickets we walked to the different animals and in my opinion the Zoo was in a very good natural habitat not like the Zoo in Berlin.
The Zoo was quite unvisited, so we could spend some more time with animals and take good pictures.
Some of us were hungry and we ate something in a little restaurant at the top of the mountain, I had an ice cream like everyone else.
At 14:00 pm we were done with all parts of the Zoo and started to go back to the entrance/exit.
We went to the bus and drove home to our bus station right in front of our house.
After some time at home René and I went to Tesco our local supermarket to get food for the week.