After considering the title „Uphill“ before, this time it’s more than well-deserved that it opens up this article. Saturday we went up the mountain and it was exhausting as well as rewarding. The view was great and probably more than 500 pictures were taken at the top of the mountain. My personal favorites are shown below.

in_the_cave chilling_on_the_mountain

Of course we were drained when we reached the top, but it was worth it. We finished the ascent within an hour. Our less athletic colleagues finally had the chance to be active. To be fair, we all seemed equally whacked when we finished our trip. We all needed a long rest afterwards. In the evening we met up again to have dinner at Dominik’s (M.) and Max’s accommodation. I should not forget to mention, that on the same evening the DFB finale was taking place. And our host Dominik M. was a huge Dortmund fan. You can imagine his excitement when they actually won.

Sunday was our lazy day. We all went our separate ways for the most time of the day. I wasn’t that lazy. I spent my time at the gym. We met up for dinner again – this time we met at Dominik’s (B.) and Konrad’s place. It was about time we cleared Dominik & Max of this charge. The evening took a surprising turn when Dominik M requested the Pokémon theme song. We ended up doing quizzes of old intro songs and even watched some old episodes of the shows we all loved when we were kids. You might recognize this one as well: Disney’s Recess (We also watched Pippi Longstocking!). It was a very entertaining night.

Today is Monday, a bank holiday, and another lazy day! I was actually set to work today. A lot of things concerning the office move are still unclear and need to be discussed. Luckily I checked my work emails yesterday and thus was informed, that working on Monday was not required. The probability of delaying the move is very high right now. A later move would result in a less stressful process. Hence I wouldn’t be too sad about it. However tomorrow will turn out, I am now just going to take the rest of the day to relax and maybe meet some of the others later.


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