Video calling my cat

This might be my worst or best title yet. Doesn’t it sound like a good premise for a new RTL2 reality show? Or a new animal TV format for VOX? But it would probably turn out boring, nothing scandalous nor heart-breaking would happen. And I’d have to agree, video calling my cat wasn’t really that exciting, considering he ignored me the whole 5 minutes (I am sure it wasn’t intentional). Video calling humans – my parents and my sister, did make more sense. And it was nice to see them again. Even though there are some things I miss from back home, I am not homesick (yet).

Following the quirky introduction paragraph is the serious side of life: work. On Monday the Clarity employees came to the new office as discussed, but at that time there wasn’t any need for them anymore. Just before they arrived, we actually figured out why so many Ethernet sockets (my testing method was right after all) weren’t working. There were cables missing between the patch panel and the switch. So what I did today was to replug the prior „malfunctioning“ sockets. And would you look at that, only two of them are still not willing to respond. As for one socket, I already identified the source of the problem:

wireend_notconnected patch_newoffice

The wires are not connected to the patch panel. I am not yet sure about the other socket. Yesterday I was freed of the task of worrying about the sockets. I had to research which switches we want do utilize in the new office. They are going to be used to simply distribute more Ethernet ports. I honestly had a lot of fun with this task. It feels good to have the power to decide which equipment we are going to use. (Ok, let’s be real, if I would’ve chosen a cisco switch I would not have gotten it.) My work was interrupted by the sudden announcement that the company would have lunch together. We all went to a Chinese restaurant and the company paid. Some might also call this an „If-I-had-known-I-would-have-gotten-a-dessert“-lunch. They told and asked me a lot about Germany – especially Berlin. Apparently everbody in the company has already gone to Berlin!

Autor: Marie Schmeissner

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