Let’s start this chapter!

Well, finally here I’m – or let’s just say better: Here is my first official blogpost! After having a shocking first day, followed by a better second one and if you believe or not, finishing a really satisfying third day, I’m in the perfect state of mind to write all my impressions and emotions down about the last two days.

So here we go. The first day was not really nice, to be honest. The house, the strange people living in it (beside Marie there’re six others staying here) and the excitement/ fear about my first day in the company was just too messed up and everything seemed so unfamiliar to me. I missed my fiancé and our lovely, beautiful home so much already. This was definitely not an easy start for me at all. But I kept telling myself that I’ll get use to it for sure. I knew it because it was also not my first time that I was abroad for a longer time.

After sleeping on it for a night, the following day started way better. Maybe it was also because of the outstanding weather and beautiful sunlight that transformed my inner sadness into confidence. You should never underrate the power of sun!

The first day after our arrival was pretty chilled and briefly, so that we had enough time to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a walk through Belfast after the introduction day with the Intern Europe agency. When we were walking in the centre of Belfast, I realized that’s exactly the area where my company is actually located at, so I decided to have a short visit for a personal introduction and also clarifying the situation about my future work environment to be prepared for my first official day there.

I entered the office at the fifth floor of a really chic building with it’s own reception even! It was exactly what I wanted – a huge co-working office space of different startups with a lot of young and mixed people from everywhere in a very modern but also cozy and creative environment in the middle of Belfast city centre where all the best shops and restaurants are just next to the office. Jackpot! My inner heart and passion for startups blew up literally. The founder Jonny recognized me immediately and introduced me to all the team in a very warm and welcoming way. It felt so familiar from the very first beginning. They even invited me to their traditional after work pub night on Friday already! I’m very excited to get the chance to see the local side of Belfast already and to have some interesting nerdy chats about startups, cryptocurrency, life experiences and new technologies hopefully! We’ll see! I keep you updated of course;)