Next stop: Titanic Belfast!

The plan for today was to visit the Titanic Belfast Museum. Since we wanted to be there at 2pm, I could sleep longer today. After a restful sleep, I took a hot bath. Before Son, Dominik, Jenny and I made our way, I ate something quickly. We had to walk for almost an hour, but fortunately we had super good weather.

When we arrived at the Titanic Belfast Museum we met Giang and we took some photos together before we went into the museum. The museum had several floors and on the first floor we could learn a lot about the former linen factories in Belfast. In the other floors we could learn many interesting things about the Titanic and the shipyard that had built the Titanic, such as the construction of the Titanic, the life of a worker of the shipyard, how the Titanic sunk and much more. The name of the shipyard was Harland and Wolff and what I found very interesting was that the Titanic had two sister ships, the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic.

After we  were done with the museum, I bought something in the souvenir shop. Then we went to the SS Nomadic and had a look around there. Afterwards we went home and cooked together like always.