St. George’s Market & Grill Party

My goal for today was to visit the St. George’s Market. Since we wanted to meet at 1pm, I could sleep longer and enjoy a hot bath again. At 12:30pm, Giang, Jenny, Dominik and I made our way to St. George’s Market. The sky was clear and the sun smiled. Once there, we first had to find Tim, Robert and Giuliano. After a few minutes, we found them at a food stand.

As I looked at all the stands, one thing suddenly occurred to me. I still have to get a present for my mother. Luckily, I found a stand selling scarfs because my mom likes them. I bought her an orange one because I also knew that she loves warm colors. Funnily, the saleswoman was also vietnamese. Next we went to the Tesco Superstore. There we got coal and food, because today we wanted to have a grill party. After we finished shopping, we ordered a taxi, as we had many heavy shopping bags to carry. One part of our group walked and the other part took the taxi. When we arrived at our accomodation grill master Tim prepared the grill and the rest of us cutted and prepared all the food. There were many delicious things to eat and we celebrated until the night, because we the next day was a holiday.