Playing Agent X

There was good weather and our plan for today was to play the popular outdoor game Agent X in the Belfast city centre. But first I enjoyed a hot bath. After that, Giang, Son, Jenny, Dominik and I made our way to the Belfast City Hall. On the way there we visited the comic store „Forbidden Planet International, because Son wanted to grab some free comics there. „Playing Agent X“ weiterlesen

Visiting the data center

Today there was not as much going on as usual at my work. I had to keep working on the website for a customer. I installed new plugins and configured them for the website. Then I drove with Graham to a data center to expand the storage capacity of one of our server with new hard drives. Once there, we had to wait nearly twenty minutes before we got into the data center, because there were a few complications. „Visiting the data center“ weiterlesen

Let’s go to Dublin!

Like almost every Saturday here in Belfast, I got up very early today because we planned a tour to Dublin today. I have already made my food for the tour a day before and all necessary things were packed. At 7:50, Dominik, Jenny and I headed for the European Buscentre. There we met Son, Giang, Tim, Giuliano and Robert. The always super organized and reliable Giang already bought the tickets for us and we got on the bus and the bus left at 9am. „Let’s go to Dublin!“ weiterlesen

The Giant’s Causeway tour

Although it was Saturday, I got up very early because today we have a tour to the Giant’s Causeway with Intern Europe. After all the things were packed, we went to the office of Intern Europe. From there we all went to the bus and then the tour started.The way to the Giant’s Causeway took about 2 hours and on the way we could see many interesting places. The bus driver was very friendly and had a lot of jokes and puns in stock. „The Giant’s Causeway tour“ weiterlesen

To the dentist and enjoying the sunshine

First, I just wanted to say that all the pain on my body, through my first fitness exercise on monday, has finally disappeared today. On the way to work, I looked up into the sky and saw that it was very nice weather and the sun was smiling. Arrived at work I was greeted very friendly by Keith. Like me Keith was in a really good mood because of the good weather. „To the dentist and enjoying the sunshine“ weiterlesen

Movie night at the Movie House

Today I had muesli for breakfast for the first time, because I wanted to change my eating habit from this week on and want to pay more attention to my body. Yesterday I started doing fitness exercises at home and overdid it a bit. My whole body still hurts after getting up. After I finished eating, I went straight to work. All I can say is a 30 minute walk plus pain all over the body is the perfect early morning combination. „Movie night at the Movie House“ weiterlesen

Dominik’s birthday party Part II

Today I got up much earlier than usual because Giang, Lord Dome, Son and I wanted to buy ingredients at an asia shop. We wanted to continue to celebrate Lord Dome’s birthday. We all met at 10 am at the asia shop and spent almost 2 hours there. Giang wanted to cook a lot of dishes for us all today and bake a birthday brownie for Lord Dome. „Dominik’s birthday party Part II“ weiterlesen