Souvenir and finger food day

Today, Giang, Son, Jenny, Dominik, Tim and I wanted to get some souvenirs for our families, friends or colleagues. But before we went to the gift shop, we wanted to eat in a restaurant. Since we are in Ireland, we really wanted to eat traditional fish and chips.

We went to the restaurant John Longs and it tasted really delicious. The food was really delicious and the waitress was super friendly. Then we made our way to the souvenir shop, which is located near Belfast City Hall. There were many great things and I bought a few souvenirs for my family and my former UB colleagues. If you’re reading this, hello Henrik, Alan and Jan!

After getting all the souvenirs, we went to the Tesco Metro to get all the ingredients for our finger food. For finger food we prepared potato wedges, stuffed and baked mushrooms, meatballs and much more. It was delicious and everyone was full afterwards. In the end of the day most of us played card games.