Little trip to the zoo

It was super nice weather and to take advantage of the beautiful weather, Giang, Son, Dome, Jenny and I planned a trip to the zoo today. Since we wanted to meet at 1pm at the zoo, I was able to sleep a bit longer today. Dome, Jenny and I made our way to the first bus stop and we bought day tickets on the bus, because the zoo is outside from Belfast.

We then drove towards the city center and wanted to go from there with another bus to the zoo. But there were some problems with the bus at Giang and Son, which is why we all first met near the City Hall. Then we all took the bus and drove to the zoo together. Once there, we still had to walk uphill, because the zoo was on a mountain. After we finally arrived at the zoo, many photos were taken and it was very sunny. In the zoo we could see many different animals and each of us was in a really good mood. After a few hours walk we have a little break at a restaurant. I just got a slushie there, as I’ve been relatively disappointed with such restaurants.

Then it went on and in the end we were in a souvenir shop. After the souvenir shop we went back to Belfast by bus. Back in Belfast we went to the Asian restaurant „Gaze“, where Dominik, Jenny and I had eaten before.