Let’s go to Dublin!

Like almost every Saturday here in Belfast, I got up very early today because we planned a tour to Dublin today. I have already made my food for the tour a day before and all necessary things were packed. At 7:50, Dominik, Jenny and I headed for the European Buscentre. There we met Son, Giang, Tim, Giuliano and Robert. The always super organized and reliable Giang already bought the tickets for us and we got on the bus and the bus left at 9am.

The bus trip to Dublin took 2 hours and was very pleasant as the bus was very modern and well equipped. I also took the chance to sleep on the bus. Arrived in Dublin I was completely amazed by the city. There was much more going on in the streets and the pedestrian walkways were crowded with people. Our first destination took us to Trinity College. The Trinity College was really big and the buildings were very nice and there was a lot of green lawn. Next we walked to Dublin Castle and there we split into groups as some of us wanted to visit other places. From there our group went to a burger shop and took a little break there. Son and I were in a souvenir shop before and I was surprised that we pay with euro again. I also took some extra pounds from Belfast for the tour with me, but luckily I still had Euro notes with me. Later we all met again and visited many more places. The places we visited were the Guinness Storehous, the Temple Bar Square, the Natural History Museum and the Science Gallery Dublin.

Our last stop was at a restaurant called Nandos. There was food and drink like in Africa. Tim, Dominik and I almost felt like we were back in Mozambique, but the food did not taste as good as in Mozambique. After we had finished eating, we took the bus at 8pm and then drove back to Belfast. Almost everyone slept on the bus ride, because we walked a lot today. Arrived in Belfast, we all went straight home and I fell directly into my bed.