To the dentist and enjoying the sunshine

First, I just wanted to say that all the pain on my body, through my first fitness exercise on monday, has finally disappeared today. On the way to work, I looked up into the sky and saw that it was very nice weather and the sun was smiling. Arrived at work I was greeted very friendly by Keith. Like me Keith was in a really good mood because of the good weather.

There were other issues on the site that I had to fix. A few hours later, Graham and I drove to a customer. The client was again a dentist, but this time the dentist was located in Belfast. So we did not have to drive too long. At the customer we had to look after a monitor and see how we could replace the monitor. We made some photos and measured the size of the monitor. After we were done, a problem with a printer suddenly appeared. It took us a while to fix the printer problem. Then another problem appeared, which was not so urgent. One of the dentists had a laptop with a damage that we should look at. With the laptop in hand we drove back to our workplace and the workday was over.

To enjoy the beautiful weather, Giang, Son, Jenny, Dominik and I met at the Botanic Gardens of Belfast. There we went for a walk and all but me ate an ice cream. After that we wanted to eat something for dinner together. Since we were not sure what we wanted to eat, we were just wandering around in the city. Finally, we went to the Victoria Square and ate ramen in the Japanese restaurant Wagamama.

After we finished eating, we all went home relatively early because tomorrow we have a tour to the Giant’s Causeway and we have to get up early.