Ulster Museum and aftenoon tea „party“

Like yesterday, I got up earlier than usual because Giang, Son, Jenny, Dominik, Guiliano and I wanted to meet at the Ulster Museum at 11am. The Ulster Museum was near the Botanical Garden, where we were already on Friday. The admission to the museum was free and we could see exhibitions about art, history and nature. The Ulster Museum was very large and modern in design. We spent almost 3 hours there and the most breathtaking was a 80 meter carpet telling the 6 seasons of Game of Thrones. Son made a video of it and it had taken a whole 12 minutes.

After the museum we went to the patisserie Valerie. Giang, Dominik, Jenny and Guiliano have ordered the afternoon tea menu there. The menu consisted of tea, sandwiches and many cupcakes. Since Son and I are not the biggest fans of sweet pastries, we just ordered hot chocolate, cappuccino and sandwiches. Afterwards we went to the Marc&Spencer store because Son and I have been searching for the Flapjack from Food Connections since the first week. The search was unfortunately in vain.

Next we went to a Disney store where Jenny and Son bought Avenger bags. As a last stop we went to KFC for a snack and met Tim there. For dinner we all were at the accommodation of Dominik, Jenny and me and Jenny cooked her delicious „Paprika Chicken“ and it tasted really delicious.