Dominik’s birthday party Part II

Today I got up much earlier than usual because Giang, Lord Dome, Son and I wanted to buy ingredients at an asia shop. We wanted to continue to celebrate Lord Dome’s birthday. We all met at 10 am at the asia shop and spent almost 2 hours there. Giang wanted to cook a lot of dishes for us all today and bake a birthday brownie for Lord Dome. The following dishes Giang cooked were: tempura (with shrimp, chicken, mushrooms and eggplant), mapo tofu, ramen and brownies.

Done with all purchases, Giang as chef de cuisine and I as her sous chef started to cook for the party. We spent many hours in the kitchen and had a lot of fun cooking. After Tim arrived, we all ate together. The food was really delicious and everyone was full afterwards and rested, because next up was the escape room. Only on arrival we were told what the theme of the escape room was. „The Preacher“ a serial killer who has kidnapped and wants to kill us. We were all shocked and  really excited. All in all, there were 3 rooms and many different puzzles that we had to solve as a team within an hour. At the start our eyes were tied and we were led into the first room. There we were all handcuffed and then it started. After the countdown was zero, we all directly removed our blindfolds. Immediately I put my glasses back on and could still see nothing, because the room was completely covered in darkness. We were able to solve the first two rooms together quickly, but unfortunately we were stuck in the last room, because a lock didn’t want to open. Although we did not make it, we all had a lot of fun and can only recommend it to anyone.

Since the night was still young, we all went to the Arcade Bar Cuckoo and since we are in Ireland it’s a must to drink a Guinness. After we had a lot of fun in the bar, Lord Dome, Jenny and I made our way home and then we all went straight to sleep.

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