Visiting the data center

Today there was not as much going on as usual at my work. I had to keep working on the website for a customer. I installed new plugins and configured them for the website. Then I drove with Graham to a data center to expand the storage capacity of one of our server with new hard drives. Once there, we had to wait nearly twenty minutes before we got into the data center, because there were a few complications.

After waiting for a while, we could finally enter the data center. We installed the new hard drives and then we had to configure them properly. One hour later we were done and Graham drove me home. At home, I  rested for a while. Later, Son, Giang, Dominik, Jennifer and I went out to eat. The day before we already discussed what we will eat today. The plan was Indian cuisine. But we still had to find an Indian restaurant. We chose The Naz Indian Cuisine, which was near our accommodation.

It was very crowded and noisy there. I only ordered prawn biryani as the main course and then had to wait almost 1 hour for it. To be honest, the portion was very small for 14 pounds and it wasn’t really delicious for the price. The dish didn’t match my expectations and the restaurant was a big disappointment for me.