Finally, on Saturday, we arrived in London. We met the agency at the airport and we went together in a bus to a meeting point in London. At the meeting point…


we waited for our host families to pick us up. After some minutes also my host family showed up. But our case we just got a very friendly host mom. Then (my roommate)  and me went to a little shop to buy our Oyster card. An Oyster card is in London the best way to travel for visitors. Afterwards we took directly a bus and went home. As we arrived at home the host mom showed us our room and the house. It’s not the biggest house but all is very clean and her food is delicious.


After we talked about the basic rules (nothing special, just normal rules) we went out to ‚discover‘ the way to our school. The way to our school is very easy and not so far away. We also checked little supermarkets around the school and in my opinion, it’s nice that you checkout by yourself. Also everything payments here can be done easily by contact-less payment, Germany isn’t that advanced yet…

After we explored everything, we went home and we enjoyed a great dinner.

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