First Week this happend

Well, our first week will pass in a few hours, so i’d like to give a short summary.

Every day, except Friday, we had an Englisch course from 9 till 12:30. On each day we learned some vocabulary about a new topic and play some games or act to that specific topic.

After an Englisch course me and some friends were looking for some place to get food. Most of the time, when we got our food, we went to „Cutty Sark“ and relaxed there for a bit.  After that everyone went home to enjoy his free evening.

In one evening some friends went to a pub, so I  joined them. We wanted to test out a new pub, not far from home. The pub was quite full of emotional people, because today was a football game. I’m not so into football, so couldn’t tell who is who or what’s so special, but everyone else was really excited for one of the teams.

My easter holidays wasn’t quite eventful, because i got sick and wanted to use the time to recover. I used the time in bed to finish my series I was watching. It was really interessting, but the end has been a bit long.  The plot was about an west wild amusement park full of humane robots. What could go wrong, right?

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