A nice work placement

I started with a powerful breakfast of muesli. That was important for me especially today since it was the first day for me doing my work placement. I left home at 8:15 but unfortunately the train I planned to take had been cancelled.
Arriving at DocuLand I had a little talk to Elif who is the responsible employee for accounting. She was depacking many letters. As she told me they needed to be scanned. Professional and high quality scanning is one procurement DocuLand offers to their customers. Downstairs on my desk Rob must have installed a construction through which he layed two network cables. That went fast.
Before I reached my desk I met Salder who told me that he works often in the basement. On my desk Rob must have prepared some items for me: On the desk there was a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. They were connected to a tower pc which was placed under the desk. And on top of all he had installed a cable duct at the wall to supply us with to network cables. I wrote myself some notes and questions down. Some of them were to be asked to Rob e.g. whether there is already any configuration on the server like its host name.
Later, on my way to have a lunch I had a conversation with another employee. His name is Silvester. He has worked here for four months and besides he works in his own business of printing pictures on clothes and other textiles. While we were talking Louis arrived at the door. I introduced him because he was selected to work for DocuLand too. After a quick lunch break for me Louis had his interview at the kitchen with Suat like I yesterday. Later, we were shown the procedure of sublimation printing of a mug. He explained us that from the mirrored picture on the paper its colour molecules connect with molecules of an outside polyester layer on the mug. To achieve the intended resolution you need to have the pressing and heating machine set to the right temperature, take the right time and adjust the right pressure. At the end we brang away some packages to the post office with Asalder.
In the evening by rice with a vegetable prawns’ sauce I had a long but nice conversation with my host brother Pascal again.

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