The Ice-Man is here!

Today I woke up a bit late because I came home around 1am in the morning. We had a very good time together in a pub but unfortunately some of the guys had their flight today, so last night was their last evening in London. Maybe we will meet them again one day in Germany, we will see.

I started in the morning with my laundry (okay more or less morning, it was around 12am).

The hospitality from the host family is very good, I just have to give my host mom the clothes I want to wash and she helps me with it (in Berlin I live alone, so I have to do all by myself). After we finished my laundry I heard the bell outside just like the movies. When I went out I just saw that an ice car was driving around the houses and the kids were buying there ice cream. Today it was not even warm, but the kids still enjoyed their ice.

I had seen such cars from movies, but to see them in real life it was a different feeling.

As a result of the bad weather, I decided to stay home today and just watch some movies and rest a bit. Overall a good day and now I just hope that the weather will be better tomorrow.

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