Only 3 more Boardgaming events

Today i realised that we are in the last 2 weeks, this also means that there will be only 3 more boardgaming and geeking meetings with the wonderfull group of people i found. Even then we played games as usual and talked about everything that is coming to your mind. At this meetings you will never feel like an outsider. You will even see that some of the people you played more often with are remembering your name. I also learned about a lot of new and funny games to play for different sizes of a group from like 3 players going up to 8 players. One of the most funniest games i played today is King of Tokyo, which is throwing you and the other players into the shoes of being monsters like a kraken or godzilla but also some more hillarious ones like a really huge panda or a bunny in a bunny cyber mech suite and winning the figt over all of tokyo.

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