GoT Tour

Today we did the Got bus tour. It is a 9 hours long tour covering some of the places that were used filming for Game of Thrones episodes and some of the other tourists attractions. This tour will cost you 50£ which is not as much as it sounds to be because it also includes the tickets for the ropebridge and the museum as well as the merchshop that is builded nearby tha giants causeway. But let’s start right at the beginning. The tour starts at 7:45 which means we had to wake up realy early for normal saturday morning, because we had to walk approximatly 20 minutes till we arrived at the starting point and everyone of us tought we should eat some breakfast in advance. The first thing they old us about the tour is that it will be a 18+ tour, well Game of Thrones is a 18+ show so no suprise there. After a short introduction from our tour guide he told us that all the tour guides they have are extras in Game of Thrones, ours was a wildling and some other smaller roles. So we got to here some storys that you normally would not hear. For some of the filming locations he also had a picture of how it looked like in the film, while filming and he himself was standing in a possition that gave us enarly the same view the camera had for this moment. It is unbelievable how big the difference sometimes was. We also got to see 2 of the 10 Doors of Thrones that exists in Northern Ireland. For the 1 hour trip back to belfast we watched a episode of GoT.

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