A week that seems to be long

Well the last time i wrote about work is already way in the past and i want to write about it now as a pre evaluation before my internship here is comming to an end. Sometimes it is going to be a little bit hectical at work, especially if something new is pushed onto git from our developer, but learning to work as detailed and good as posible under stress and with a certain deadline is always good.

I also had to do some task like putting in a lot of data into the live application finding out any missing information and problems with the data we got from our partner as well as creating the design of the excel sheet that I used for writing down all the Problems and sending it over to them. All the problems I see there are pushing the idea of this company more and more into a really great light. This programm there are developing has the possibility to save a lot of lifes which really turns them into a great company one that dedicated itself to solving a acute and really big problem even tough they sometimes have to sacrifies some of there offtime in addition to there worktime. Even then sometimes the days are feeling like they never end if you are repeating task that are nearly the same for half a day. At the end of the week i finally was done with going trough all the data and anticipating tomorrow because we will do a GoT Tours with a length of 9 or so hours. So all in all im still happy about my placement here and I am thankfull for all the experiences i was able to get. Hopefully the last 2 weeks won’t turn into unproductives one but we will see.

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