Crazy Tuesday

Tuesday again and again a movie ticket will cost only 3,50£. This time we went there to watch John Wick 3. This one really is on the acion packed site of movies, I mean the whole movie had like 10-15 minutes of dialogues maybe 20 and the whole rest of this 2 hours long movie is just pure action.

Since we were going to the cinea rather early we decided not to cook something but instead order some pizza. Little O’s is a Pizzashop near our accomodation and the Prizes are really got for the sice you are getting. We ordered them online in advance. So at our way back to the accomodation we just picked them up and were happy to eat them still fresh and hot. All in all the movie was good and i think i will be watching the 4th John Wick movie in 2 Years, as this is the planned release date, but i am not sure yet.

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