Language is not always important

One of the more important lessons to learn is that sometimes it is not about the language but about understanding each other in some way. I am going to the BFC every Thursday but since last Thursday i am going there to play 1 to 2 matches of chess with another player that is nearly at the same level then me. The thing that is making this special is that he is a deaf and mute person and english is not his mothertounge so even if we write something down it will not always be understood in the way we want. So what i learned is that sometimes it really is more about what your body and actions is sending as a message and not the actual language. Even then we were able to communicate to each other about me being there for 2 more of these meetings and some more rounds of chess and on the other side you can somehow see that he is arriving at these meetings with a good mood and always looking forward to playing chess.

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