Friday and a busy day

It was Friday again and I knew that it could be very busy. Gareth gave me another task to allocate the tickets to all members of tier 2. It was easy at the beginning but it got more and more difficult because everybody needs to get the same amount of tickets at the end of the day. The que got filled up and I had problems to allocate the tickets because more tickets flooded in. Providentially I had to „Friday and a busy day“ weiterlesen

No hotels anymore

Yesterday I decided to go the Ulster Museum. The entry to the Ulster Museum is near the Botanic Garden. The surprise was that the Ulster Museum has no entry cost and it was quite busy there. The museum is divided in Art, History, Science, History of Belfast and nature. It is unbelievable, I think they have a huge collection of everything. The most interesting place was the Science area where „No hotels anymore“ weiterlesen

Busy Friday and be with the mind already at the weekend

Today is Data Restore Friday. The morning has begun with a creepy silence which is quite unusual for our Data Restore department. For over an hour no search requests. Finally at 9 AM the first request came in and I had to solve it as usual fast. „Busy Friday and be with the mind already at the weekend“ weiterlesen