Busy Friday and be with the mind already at the weekend

Today is Data Restore Friday. The morning has begun with a creepy silence which is quite unusual for our Data Restore department. For over an hour no search requests. Finally at 9 AM the first request came in and I had to solve it as usual fast. This task was really a search of a needle in a haystack again. I had to search in the complete backup tree. The time ran incredible fast and I had to take a short break to replenish my empty battery again. After that Mr Hebel from the OSZ IMT and some other people from Intern Europe visited us. We talked about CAPITA and how much we like to be here. Jamie and I spoke about the accommodation with Mr Hebel. Unfortunately it was a short meeting. Afterwards I came back to my workstation and saw four new Data Restore requests in my queue. I finished the first one and some seconds later, another one came directly in. It seemed that some of the users had been already at the weekend, at least in their mind. There were a lot of inadvertently deleted files. It took me about one and a half hour to solve all requests which was quite hard. But then it was quite again. For the evening we have planned to get on top of the Cavehill.
It is said that the view at sunset is absolutely breath-taking and brings peace in your mind…
I’ll tell you about it soon.