Explore London…

Today we woke up a bit late because we were still a bit tired from the flight. After a good breakfast we were powered up for the day. I decided to go out and explore London. Luckily I just have to walk around 600 meters and then I can take a bus which can bring me directly to the London eye. I mean, I needed around 1 hour and 20 minutes for the trip but it was worth it. I arrived at the London eye and I instantly saw so many amazing sights.


Then I walked around and I watched some street artists and how they perform. On the London streets you can find many talented people. Of course I couldn’t go away without taking some nice pictures for my gallery. 

After my trip to the center I took again a bus to go home. Now I know that traveling by bus in London is very cheap compare to the tube. I paid £3 for the whole day and that is very good for London. 

In the evening we enjoyed a great dinner and went to bed, tired.


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