Four Days of Exploring London

My Sunday started the same as every day with a good and not so healthy bowl of cereal.
Steven slept until 13 o’clock and in that time I watched some videos on my laptop. When he finally woke up we went out to meet up together with Artin at the Waterloo East station.

Now in a group of three we decided that we would like to go visit the Buckingham Palace and so we walked passed the London Eye, over the Westminster Bridge which was full of Rumanian thimbleriggers, across the Horse Guard Parade and through the St. James’s Park.

When finally arrived at the palace we stayed there for some minutes to look around and to take some photos. I didn’t find it to be too spectecular, Steven and Artin seemingly did so too, and so we went into a small café not far from there.


After we finished our drinks we went to an Underground station from where we travelled to the London Bridge station where Artin went to his home and we went to ours where we had supper and then went to bed.


On Monday me and Steven had a quick breakfast and we would leave the house at around 7:50 so that we would catch our bus at around eight o’clock.
The bus wouldn’t go directly to the school so we had to walk for 15 minutes which was no problem because we of course knew about that earlier.

At school we all had to do a multiple choice test consisting of 50 grammar questions. We also all had to have a conversation with the teacher where she would ask us questions to distinguish our level of English. And the rest of the day we would play a game that was basically the British version of „Tabu“.

We all were hungry after school and so we went to a Vietnamese restaurant as a group of nine people. Next me Steven and Artin went to a café called „Avocado and Coffee“ where we would have a cup of tea.

After our tea we walked the way back me and Steven came in the morning because there was a big fun fair but when we were standing in front of ot we found out that we would have had to pay an entry fee and so we didn’t go there.
We went home, had supper and went to bed.


My Tuesday didn’t start any different then the other days. In school this time we were placed in two different classes based on our test results. I was placed in the advanced class where we would learn about nominalisation and we would talk about hackers.

After school Artin, Steven and I would go to Avocado and Coffee where we would not only drink something but also eat some very delicious sandwiches.

With the energy we had now gained we walked to the O2 arena in Greewhich. We would go inside and find out that other than the O2 arena we had in Berlin this one is way bigger and it has a complete shopping centre in it with a lot of shops and a big food court.

We decided that we would like to go to another shopping centre and so we took the tube from Greenwich to Stratford where we would check out some stores and then go and look at the London Stadium and the ArcelorMittal Orbit. After that we went home, had supper and went to bed.


On my today’s way to school me and Steven wanted to get on the bus but unfortunately there was no more money on my Oyster card and so we couldn’t take the bus and had to find a store that can top up Oyster cards. After we found a shop I topped my card up and we just took the next bus and we still managed to be on time.

In school we learned about how language can evolve and ways on how to understand long and difficult words.

After school was over Artin, Steven and I went to Avocado and Coffee and had lunch. Our plan for today was to go to the Trafalgar Square and that is exactly where we went.

So we took the Overground from Maze Hill to Charing Cross and walked over the Trafalgar Square which wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be and so we decided to go to Covent Garden because Steven and Artin wanted to go to a Dr. Martens shop.

So we walked along the Leicester Street across the Leicester Square to the shop. We walked around the area a bit and checked out some other shops too. There was a problem with the mobile network of O2 and because all of us three were using O2 none of us had access to the internet and so we had to find a wifi hotspot so we could find a way home.

After we found a way we took the tube from the Tottenham Court Road back to Charing Cross where Artin took his train and we took ours to get home where we had supper and went to bed.

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