End of the School Week

This week we spent our days visiting an English course at the agency, which was quite fun. On the first day of class we had to do a multiple choice test made up of 50 questions. We also had to have a dialogue with our teacher so that she could distinguish our level of English. According to the result of our test and the dialogue, we were then split into two classes, each with a new teacher. I was in the so-called advanced class.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all spend in this class, where we were taught various topics like advanced English words and nominalisation. At the end of this class we were awarded a certificate stating we had completed it.

Every day after class, two of my fellow trainees, Steven and Nickolas, and I, went to a coffee shop called „Avocado and Coffee“, where we all had sandwiches and something to drink. After the usual visit to „Avocado and Coffee“ each day, we went exploring. We visited the O2 Arena in Greenwich, Trafalgar Square, and Covent Garden, where I had already been.

Steven and I wanted to go to Dr. Martens shops, a British brand of boots and shoes. We did, twice in fact, on Tuesday, in the Stratford shopping mall, and on Wednesday in Covent Garden. We also checked out some other stores, like a Vans store and Urban Outfitters.

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