Time for some researches

Today I woke up late and I took a decision to stay at home.

I planned to do some researches regarding to the demonstrations in the town. I saw a hundred of people demonstrating and that was the reason that pushed me to do some researches. The demonstration was about the climatic changes and the industrialization. A hundred of people blocked the main roads in London to demonstrate there.

I also saw some people which had set up small kitchens and tents to sleep there. In my opinion it’s nice that people demonstrate for such important things. In the other hand I have to say, that I don’t like the way how they are doing this. The city of London since some days is full of cars, many traffic jams and delayed buses. One big negative fact is that they also have blocked walking ways. I walked over a bridge and at the end there were some police officers who told me “Please turn around or climb over the fence”. Okay for me this was not a big deal, but behind me was a person in wheelchair and he had to go back around 100 meters and then go over to the other side. There were no warning signs or something similar.

I am looking forward now for the next week and I hope that my internship is not in the centre of London.

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