The vault

The plan for today was so far to set up a server for testing purposes on a virtual machine (VMWare 15) running on Louis’ Tablet. For me to be able to connect from my laptop to open the Active Directory and add some group policies and other configuration Louis configured a port forwarding for port 3389 (RDP) on his Tablet.
Later, we did a testimonial setting up an old and unused tower pc (with Core i7 processor) of DocuLand to become a Windows server. To accomplish that we went for an extension of the RAM to 16 GB by adding the two RAM memory modules from a core i5 pc. After the normal start had failed we were trying to let the PC start with a Debian Linux based hypervisor when we realized no success either because of the BIOS built in network card which could not be detected by the hypervisor. A test with the core i5 pc did not work either because of the same issue. Due to that circumstance we needed to wait for our technical contact Rob to ask him for a dedicated network card.

In a conversation with our Chief we were told: In earlier times the rooms were used by two banks after each other. Hence behind the wall behind my desk there is an old vault. However, nobody is allowed to have a look behind the door because of classification of this building as a historical monument.
Furthermore, he described their plan to let the company grow. In that context a server is relevant for the company especially. But also a backup system is quite important for them.

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