Officers in front of the house!

Today I had a normal day at work. I continued programming as the other days, ate something delicious for lunch and got home in time. But today, when I got home, some kids asked me: “Do you want to buy an egg for just 50p”. I was a bit confused and rejected their ‘offer’ (I also had no coins with me). When my host mom got home, she told me that the kids asked her if she had an egg for them.

This was a bit confusing but I didn’t really pay attention to this situation. When I went out for my daily walk, I just saw that the police was directly in front of my door talking to the kids. The police was very cool about the kids little “business” and for them it was more like little joke then a crime. In the end the kids got no troubles but they had to stop selling.

Finally, weekend time! Today I decided with some friends to go in a pub and maybe later in a club. So we enjoyed this night after a long and tiring week and now I’m looking forward for the free time activities this weekend. (Hint: so far no idea what to do).

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