Going to Work

Tuesday was the day on which we were supposed to be told where our work placements are going to be but unfortunately due to some complications only five people would get to know where they are gonna be working. I wasn’t one of these five people and neither was Artin or Steven and so went to Avocado & Coffee where Steven would get a call from the agency and they told him that he would have a job interview the next day. After all of us three had a sandwich we went to the Ninth Life to have a drink.

On the next day me and Artin went to school and had English class. When class was over we spoke to the work placement administrator who told us that we would have a job interview the same day at 4:30 pm at an institution called „The CASSEL Centre“ which is a community providing counselling, psychotherapy, CBT and therapeutic social work. Artin and I were there a bit early and so we checked out the shops and places to eat. We had our job interview and afterwards we went to the Ninth Life.

On Thursday Artin and I had our first day at our company where our task for the day would be to go through a user database and send emails to certain people to tell them that we can no longer support them due to the fact that the government has cut the money the institution gets.

Today Artin’s and my task for the day was to go through a lot of files and look for unused and empty templates so we can get rid of them. After work we went to the Ninth Life, had a beer and then we went home. At home me and Steven did some laundry and when we finished supper I would put some clothes into my bag and go to „Colliers wood“ where my family is staying to visit me.


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