Review of the second week

The second week has also passed. I didn’t enjoy that week as much as the first one. The main reason for that is the cold I had last week. Also the weather was really bad. We had a lot of rain and even a storm in the night. I was quite happy about the day off on monday and I really enjoyed the tour we took. I am looking forward to see more of the Island in the next weeks.

The work has become more diverse. But I still feel pretty unchallenged. Today our boss wants to sit down with us and discuss further tasks.

I am very happy that we still manage to cook together every day. Even if it takes a long time and can be very chaotic, it’s fun. Up to now we didn’t have to restrict ourselves much although we are now 12 people in the accommodation. The kitchen is almost always free and in case it should be needed, the arrangement works well.

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