A stressful morning

Today I woke up as usual but when I wanted to go to the bathroom, I couldn’t because it was busy. We mixed up our timetable in the morning so I went out a bit later than the other days. I also had to wait a bit to get a bus, and then I got in a traffic jam. I went out of the bus near my workplace where the agency is, with the purpose of walking a bit and avoiding the traffic jam. Luckily I still arrived in time at work.

As I arrived at work, I continued programming like in the last week. After some minutes I also showed my results to my colleague and he was very satisfied. The main program is already working and that with only one week of working on it (I guess they planned I would need more time for it). I also got some extra tasks/ideas how I could improve the program with some extra features, so I have enough work planned for the next days.
When I went out from my work I was happy that I got a bus directly. At the station where I had to change the bus I waited over 30 minutes, because every bus was full. This was the first time, that I had to wait so long for a bus here.
As I arrived at home I rested a bit. Today I was alone at home because my host mom is out with her writing group and my roommate is in a gym that is far away.
So I went out again, to find get for dinner. In conclusion it was a normal day, let’s see what the next days will bring…

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