Dear Mr. conductor, could you stop?? please

So, today there were quite a few things that happened, so I’ll just start in the morning.

We ate our breakfast, took a look at the time and realized the train we thought of getting is already one, so we went to the train station without any haste. As we arrived there we suddenly heard : „Dear Mr. conductor, could you stop?? please“ weiterlesen

Express Train

Yesterday (thursday 18th) wasn’t much going on, on work but it did not bother me. So I choosed a model for the 3D printer and printed it. In the break Konrad and I bought a hole chicken because we wanted something different in the evening. But guess what? We forgot to take it out of the fridge after work because we were distracted since we went once again to the Ulster museum with our colleagues to check the technology for an upcoming event.

On friday when I arrived on my work I first checked my model I printed yesterday and I have to say it looked really good and I was statisfied. Immediately afterwards we started a new print which should be six hours. Meanwhile there was even a task; we had dismantled the computer of a coworker and built it elsewhere. Because there were three of us everything was quickly finished.

But the best of today is coming now… like always, Konrad and I have entered the train towards home but this time with our chicken we forgot the day before. After the train left the Great Victoria street I was wondering why we were driving so fast know. Konrad was looking really confused and shortly thereafter we roared past our stop… well done! Why doesn’t the train stopped at our station?! It was because we were on the express train… We could do nothing else exept for waiting even we had no tickets for the area and were a bit restless. Eventually, the train stopped in Lisbourn. Together with our chicken in our hands, we changed the platform and drove about 20 minutes back to our home station.

At the end we both could laugh about it and I even know what I am going to do on the weekend.

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Video calling someone else’s cat

I am serious. It happened again. Am I becoming a cat whisperer? Hardly. This cat wasn’t willing to interact with me either. The feeling was mutual. This cat chat was forced on me. The whole point of the video call was to live stream Pro7. That might damage my image significantly, but… I really wanted to watch Germanys Next Topmodel (it was the semi-final!). I wasn’t able to do it in Belfast, thus my sister spontaneously suggested to let me watch it with the help of a video call. I – in the shape of the mobile phone – was comfortably positioned on the table and could follow up the show surprisingly well on her TV. During one of the commercial breaks it was decided that I should talk to the cat. I guess that’s what happens when you tell your family members about your blog and they want to hoax you with it.

„Video calling someone else’s cat“ weiterlesen

Again friday

Today it’s friday again. The time here in Ireland is running so fast. The last days wasn’t much to do, so I had time for my private projects on my servers. At work the 3D printer still prints the whole day. This time Konrad and I printed the bottom part of a Groot figure. Groot is a charakter of the movie „Guardians of the galaxy“ and it looks like bark of a tree or even a little tree but without the treetop and branches. I never thought this will turn out so great!

Yesterday I thought about cleaning the office because it looked like a real nerd home. The whole tables were filled with computer parts and a lot of computers. As we cleaned all up our colleague Gareth was very glad. If I could be always this motivated…

After lunch we drove together with our colleague Gareth to the Ulster museum because we had to check the beamer, some displays and computers for an upcoming event.

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