Everything as always

Honestly I am not even sure what I should report. The week started well as always and at work were the usual tasks. On monday (the 23th) we were once again in the Ulster museum an exchanged a power adaptor from one of the info tables. Right after we changed a broken light bulb from the big beamer. Before we did this we all read the manual, because the beamer costs a few ten-thousand euros! Luckily the exchange was very easy and fast to do. Like usually I printed some models on the 3D printer. This time two spaceships from the game „Elite Dangerous“. Sadly only one model looked good because the other one tipped over.

Today Konrad and I went to a big Tesco because we have more choices there. As we arrived we first had to think about what we want to eat. At the end we bought some marinated pig schnitzel and pommes which we prepared at the evening.

Oh, i almost forgot; on the 3th of june there will be a race on our work. It’s called „Hill Climb“. There will be a few old cars racing against time. Accordingly there will be also a live stream on the website of the museum which shows the starting line. Guess what? Our boss said I can try a few things concerning the live stream because he wants the time from each car displayed in the stream. Well this sounds interesting. I hope I can do it!

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Signs of the city

Belfast has a lot of signs. The most common one I see is the „alcohol free area“ sign. It’s everywhere. I suppose this is a real issue here in Belfast. There are also a ton of signs which appeal to the pedestrians to keep the streets clean. No litter, no dog poop. One sign told me that the layout of a specific street recently changed. Another one displayed „Highway to Health“. That’s all definitely interesting. But can somebody tell my why they did not think about setting up street signs? Is that too much to ask for?

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