My first day at CAPITA

Yesterday was my first day at CAPITA I didn´t really know what to think mostly I was excited.
In the morning I had to go to work by bus, it took me like 20 minutes and then a 3 minute walk to be there.
At the entrance there was a front desk with a nice lady who already waited for me and René, she gave us visitor passes and we had to sign a paper with the time we came in.
After that a guy named Gareth came to us that was Renés supervisor, Gareth showed me my supervisor called Jamie.
Me and René got split up and Jamie took me to the department where I had to work, it is an Hardware repair service. He introduced me to Jeff my mentor he already knew about me and welcomed me very friendly. „My first day at CAPITA“ weiterlesen

Let’s start this chapter!

Well, finally here I’m – or let’s just say better: Here is my first official blogpost! After having a shocking first day, followed by a better second one and if you believe or not, finishing a really satisfying third day, I’m in the perfect state of mind to write all my impressions and emotions down about the last two days.

„Let’s start this chapter!“ weiterlesen