First week at Locate a Locum

Let’s start to talk about the first week of my work and internship at Locate a Locum. What should I say? This is definitely the best part of the stay abroad so far till now. Seriously! I’m impressed. I got so lucky with the small but very lovely and productive team. I’ve learned so much in just a couple of days already! This is also because of working very closely with my amazing colleague Paul for sure. He’s just a front-end genius and what’s even much better about him: He loves to teach people and has created even an own course for the very famous coding teaching platform Codecademy, which I love and worked many times with it!

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getting to know the museum and it’s hidden tehnologies

Today we were on a little trip around the museums closest to us, to see where all the IT-related technology is hidden. You normally would not believe how much hidden things there are in a museum about transport or the old Irish culture. But I won’t go to much into details because that is usually kept a secret. ;-P

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