Today is my third day of work. I can already announce an accomplishment: I found my way to work without utilizing the map application of my smartphone. But let’s not get too enthusiastic, I still don’t know how to get to the gym, which is about 600m away from my work place. I DO know how to get to LIDL though, just so you know I have my priorities straight. „Familiarisation“ weiterlesen

The first working days

Yesterday we had our first working day in the IT department of the „ulster folk and transport museum“ in Belfast. Easily exited we were received from Robin Finlay the head of IT. He showed us directly the building and led us around. Furthermore he introduced us employees from the museum, showed us the datacenter and told us some interesting informations about the network. After that we met our colleagues. They both are very nice and hearty which I personally like. In the course of the previous day and today we had a few tasks done. For example installing a computer or adjust some codes of the website. So everything is totally relaxed like our work colleagues. On another day in the evening one of our colleagues was so nice to bring us to a shop for vaprorizer and after that he invited us to his home. Despite easy understanding problems (because of the dialect) we had good talks and could laugh a lot. At the end we all drove through the streets in the direction to our house. During the ride he told us many things we should absolutely do. Therefore I am very sure we will have interesting times the next few days respectively on the weekends.

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