Let the music flow !!!

I just recognized it is already Wednesday, oh shoot. Time really flies by if you do things you really like (or don’t look at the watch). The second week just started and at the same time it is already ending. I think I need either to do more stuff to keep me busy or think of something useful.

None the less, all this mumbling still doesn’t resolve the title. Well then, let me enlighten you. „Let the music flow !!!“ weiterlesen

Out of Capita with a technician

Today was the first time I went outside with a technician from CAPITA. If the guys from the tier one and tier two team can’t solve the problem because it is a Hardware Issue (failed switch or power cable for example) a technician has to come to the schools. The first school was we visited, was a primary school which had a faulty switch that doesn’t worked anymore. „Out of Capita with a technician“ weiterlesen

Introduction into data security

Yesterday it was a quite morning at CAPITA. I talked with colleagues until Roy arrived and told me he had something that I had to do before I can edit data restore tickets. At Capita they place great value on data protection. He showed me an eLearning portal where I can get through CAPITA’s data „Introduction into data security“ weiterlesen

3D Printing at Work

Today I noticed that I never mentioned in any blog that we have a 3D printer on work. Luckily we are allowed to „play around“ with it because we need to find out which settings you should use. Since almost day one the printer hardly stands still because we are basically always printing. After the first failed models, there are now more and more that looks really good. For example we printed a support for the printer that holds the material roll. Indeed this was a very good idea since it always happened that the material has not unrolled well.

Among other things I wasn’t much outside these days because I had to do some urgent things on my webserver. Also the hole server inclusive all databases and websites had to move and bought up to date. All that cost me some time as this had to happen in a live operation and unfortunately in one configuration were some stupid errors. Typical layer 8 problem.

For translation in german and better quality of the pictures, click here

Video calling my cat

This might be my worst or best title yet. Doesn’t it sound like a good premise for a new RTL2 reality show? Or a new animal TV format for VOX? But it would probably turn out boring, nothing scandalous nor heart-breaking would happen. And I’d have to agree, video calling my cat wasn’t really that exciting, considering he ignored me the whole 5 minutes (I am sure it wasn’t intentional). Video calling humans – my parents and my sister, did make more sense. And it was nice to see them again. Even though there are some things I miss from back home, I am not homesick (yet).

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