Weekend at the montain

At the weekend we all drove as group with the bus to the Cavehill mountains. The bus drive was about thirteen minutes. When we arrived we all ran up the mountain. I really must say the climb was harder then expected because it went after a short time steep uphill. Up higher there were only trails but it was really interessting and the view at the first break was overwhelming! Together with some other group members I climbed into a cave but it was unfortunately full of garbage and grimy. Then we all had to ran only a few meters to reach the top and there we made a bigger break then before to enjoy the view. Despite fog you could see the whole of Belfast. The descent was very simple and there was always something to see. For example: free running cows.

On saturday evening (the 27th) we all met at Konrads and my house to eat dinner. Like the day before we made chicken wings but this time four kilograms. Rene was so kind and marinated everything for us! After dinner we suddenly began to look at cartoons from old children’s series and we even looked the one or the other episode. I think no one will really grow up and it was very nice to see that some of us recognized the one or the other series again.

Today, on sunday I relaxed and played something on my laptop.

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After considering the title „Uphill“ before, this time it’s more than well-deserved that it opens up this article. Saturday we went up the mountain and it was exhausting as well as rewarding. The view was great and probably more than 500 pictures were taken at the top of the mountain. My personal favorites are shown below.

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The third week of eight

The third week started normal, nothing special happened. On normal workdays my tasks are to check if Windows Server backups have some problems. If they have problems, I solve them. Sometimes the backup’s fails onetime, sometimes the database link has changed and sometimes the space of the hard drive is overloaded. That’s why the backups cannot save on the hard drive temporally. Every day several servers have different problems! But nothing that I cannot solute.

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