Belfast here we come

So today was the final day, I think everyone was quite nervous and excited at the same time.

In the morning we met us at the Schönefeld Airport to check-in our luggage, after that we went to the security check and everyone passed except René he had to go to the Border Patrol.
But everything went fine, so we went to the Duty Free to grab some snacks for the “long” flight.
We sat down and waited for a couple of minutes because some of us wanted to go to the toilette before we had to go on board. Finally we were in the Airplane and took off about 10 minutes late.
In the air I took some pictures of landscapes and the sea.
After 2 hours of flight time we arrived at the International Airport in Belfast.

I personally thought we have to wait minimum 25-35 minutes to get our luggage from the luggage treadmill, but I was very surprised I waited 30 seconds and I got my luggage.
We got to the employees who checked our Passports and then we could go on to the exit of the Airport. We looked for a way to the Main Bus station in Belfast where Natalie an Intern Europe employee waited for us to hand us the keys to our home. She organised a Taxi for me and my roommate René.
René and I met some people in the house where we live in.
We unpacked our luggage and went to Tesco a supermarket and bought food and water for some days to “survive”. Finally we had some time to relax, we made plans for dinner and we came to the conclusion that we want to go to KFC which is down the street.
After that we went home and relaxed again. Summarized the whole day was very exciting and we met nice people.

Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast

It was an exciting day which has started at 7:30 AM at the airport Schönefeld.
As usual I was very early and have waited for the others. After we checked in our luggage we went through the security check and searched the gate of our departure. Everything went really fast. It took the plane about „Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast“ weiterlesen


The first day has come to an end. It started with approximately 3 hours of sleep and a vivid nightmare of me missing my flight by 5 hours. Luckily, dreams don’t always come true. The pre-flight journey went smoothly and the flight itself as well (disregarding the pressure variations). Everyone was in a really good mood. Especially Max and Dominik who enjoyed their delicate airplane snack.

Dominik likes food

„D-Day“ weiterlesen

Way to Ireland

Today the Afib 2017 starts to their intership in Belfast – Ireland. Our flight took 2 hours from Schönefeld to Belfast Airport and from there we traveled about 40 minutes to the city. In the city a woman from intern europe was waiting for us. She organized Taxis wich brought us to our houses, for the next two months I live toghter with Konrad in an apartment. After a short brake we met the others and went to Tesco to buy something to eat, drink our other stuff.

And so Konrad an I are eating and after that the we will see what comes next ?

For translation in german and better quality of the pictures, click here